When you come to sell your property, there are lots of things to consider, like finding a reliable estate agent to help you through the process, pricing your property correctly for the market, not forgetting finding your next property! With so many extra things to add to your to do list, finding the time to make your property look like a show-home for each viewing is near enough impossible. However, with our simple tips, you can easily get your home looking like the ideal home to potential buyers. The key is to remember, they must be able to picture themselves living in the property with their personal belongings.


Here are our top tips to help you achieve a faster sale: 

1. Keep all rooms clean and tidy. 

2. In the living room puff up your cushion and switch the television off. 

3. Make sure any mirrors or polished surface are clean and streak free. 

4. The words de-clutter get used a lot, by all means display your cherished family photos and memento’s but keep them to a minimum. 

5. Hoovering carpets before a viewing is always a good idea. 

6. The house needs to be as light as possible, turn lights and lamps on especially if the weather is gloomy outside. 

7. If your stashing things away to make rooms as big as possible, make sure the items don’t come flying out of cupboards if your viewers are curious to see how big they are. 

8. Smells are important, a house can be more welcoming with fresh coffee or candles. 

9. If you do have pets, try to keep them and their belongings out of sight if at all possible. Whilst you love your animals not everyone else will, and some people can be put off by pets’ odours. 

10. Most importantly, first impressions count. On a quick drive past how good does your house look? Garden and driveway tidy, front door freshly painted? Windows clean? 

These points may seem obvious, but they are often overlooked. Take the time to make the effort and hopefully your hard work will pay off.

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